Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022

Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022
Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022

Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022, Returning after completing the first period of a Korean job, Under the EPS employment system, job seekers who came to Korea in search of Korean employment have the option of returning to Korea after their first employment period of 4 years and 10 months.
It was mentioned earlier that only workers who completed their first service period of 4 years and 10 months in the same factory could return, but it later allowed them to return to the factory where they had worked for a final year before their service period expired, but this was only possible for Sulu. Only for scale factories (Factories with less than 100 employees).

It also announced this year (August 31, 2022) that factories with more than 100 factory workers who have worked in the last year can also re-employ their workers under the EPS scheme.
Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022

Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022
Korean Jobs Re-Entry Updates 2022

The Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor points out The decision was made because of the abuse of the total number of jobs allowed by each workplace and the need to address the difficulties of each industry.

Hiring employees for 2022 quarters,

Given the continued shortage of domestic workers in the shipbuilding and small- and medium-sized manufacturing industries and the decrease in foreign workers compared to before COVID-19, the new entry quota for the employment permit system for foreign workers (E-9) was abused. In this year there may be 59000 – 69000 thousand people.

Increase by 1-5 for small businesses unable to hire foreign workers due to misuse of total allowable employment duties by industry site, mainly due to the exhaustion of the total employment allowance for each industry site (variation in the number of private positions).

Solving difficulties in recruitment of foreign workers by industries.
Special application for re-entry of employees for manufacturing factories with more than 100 employees.
Improve regulations such as easing restrictions on personnel movement between construction sites and fishing vessels of the same business owner

(On August 31st, at 10.30 am, the government held the 34th Foreign Workforce Policy Committee presided over by the Minister of Government Policy Coordination Office, and decided on the measures for the quota abuse of foreign workers in 2022. In accordance with Article 4 of the Foreign Worker Employment, etc. Act, major matters related to employment management and protection of foreign workers are deliberated and resolved.)

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