Korean EPS-TOPIK Course Syllabus

Korean EPS-TOPIK Course Syllabus

Korean EPS-TOPIK Course Syllabus: In this session, I am going to explain in brief the basic grammar syllabus which can be more helpful for the Employment Permit System -Test of Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK) as well as the general knowledge of the Korean Language.

LESSON 01  (Structure of the language)

1: Korean alphabet                                                                 

  • Introduction to the Korean Alphabet
  • Single vowels
  • Practice single vowel sounds (Native speaker, pictures)
  • Practice single vowels with simple words
  • Single consonants
  • Practice single consonant sounds (Native speaker, pictures)
  • Making a Syllable
  • Practice single vowels and single consonants table
  • Practice single vowels with simple words
  • Review of single vowels and single consonants
  • Tensed consonants and single vowels.
  • Aspirated consonants and single vowels
  • Double vowels

2: Korean Sentence Structure

  • Korean greetings
  • Korean verbs and nouns
  • Korean sentence structure

3: Making simple Korean sentences

  • Subject and object particle
  • Making ‘to be’ sentence

LESSON 02 (Basic life)

1: Introduce myself to ask questions about places and objects

  • Introduce myself
  • Ask and answer daily routine and time
  • Ask and answer about family
  • Dates and past events
  • Buy some foods
  • Find a location away
  • Make an appointment
  • Order food
  • Talk about the weather and feelings

LESSON 03 (Leisure life)

1: Leisure time

  • Talk about hobbies
  • Talk about past experiences and tourist attractions
  • Transportation and duration of time
  • Make a phone call
  • Talk about internet service
  • Household chores
  • Explain something asking permission
  • Prohibit, Tell a reason
  • To use honorifics to give advice
  • Talk about study methods, and how to apply something
  • Describe the frequency make wishes

LESSON 04 (Public institutions)

1: To use Public services

  • Talk about orders
  • Prohibit something doing
  • Talk about the condition
  • Ask and answer questions about symptoms
  • Tell your intention
  • Express various methods to do something
  • Send letters
  • How to make a request
  • Inquire about the usage
  • How to enroll in the training and lesson programs

LESSON 05 (Understanding Korea)

1. Understand Korean culture

  • Express weather
  • How to compare
  • Understand Korean food and culture
  • Explain recipes
  • How to guess
  • Talk about plans
  • How to recommend something
  • Tell the order
  • Tell reason
  • Make a guesses

LESSON 06 (Workplace culture)

1: Culture of the Korean working environment

  • Explaining attire
  • Giving advice
  • Announcing dormitory rules and regulations
  • Introducing the atmosphere of a workplace
  • Expressing conflicts with co-workers
  • Announcing company dinner
  • Introducing new employees
  • Giving advice on the prevention of
    sexual harassment

LESSON 07 (Work Life)

1: Work-life in Korea

  • Suggesting working tools
  • Explaining working progress
  • Learning how to operate a machine
  • Reporting your work
  • Managing work to supervise work
  • Describe workroom environment
  • Talking about arrangements and organizing
  • Requesting for a change of work
  • Demanding a work
  • Finding the cause of a problem
  • Talking about solutions to a problem
  • Managing work duties
  • Talking about mistakes at work
  • Discussing cautions in operating machinery
  • How to deal with a dangerous situation
  • How to avoid risk at work
  • How to warn the possible risks
  • Evaluating work performance
  • Talking about health

LESSON 08 (Necessities And safety regulations)

1: Statues and institutions Workplace terms

  • Ask and answer about EPS terms
  • How to make inquiries about EPS terms
  • How to inquire about the labor contract of employment
  • How to go through immigration
  • How to apply for ARC
  • to enroll insurance plan
  • to file out insurance claim
  • to check paycheck stub

(Korean EPS-TOPIK Course Syllabus)

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